Q.What’s with the name Swank Design?

A. Well, I guess I was kind of stupid when I picked that name. I did study graphic design in college and thought I would be doing more design work and I also thought ‘swank designs’ sounded…well, swanky and cool. Turns out I don’t do much design work. Also, finding a name that’s not already been chosen for a domain is pretty aggravating. There’s nothing available like ‘photography by trisha’ or the like. Those names are long gone. I could change it, but now people know me as Swank Designs and changing it would be even more confusing. So there you have it. Impulsive behavior, turns out.


Q. What are your prices? Since they are not listed, does that mean you’re crazy expensive?

A. No, not at all. There are two basic pricing structures for photography; the little to no sitting fee  with options to buy prints and the all in one sitting fee with includes images. I am door number 2. Studios that don’t charge or charge a nominal sitting fee are usually large chains such as the ones you find in JCP, wal mart or the mall. These studios also usually make most of their money selling you prints at a large markup price. It might seem like a cheap price for prints but because they are large, they might pay a few cents for what they charge you$10 for.  Smaller studios, like myself, certainly aren’t in on that deal.

In short, most of what I offer is a one price deal (sitting fee, post production and any out put such as cd or print). I don’t sell a lot of prints because my pricing reflects a digital package. What is this digital package you say? It’s your chosen edited images on DVD or direct download with a print release allowing you to print as many prints as you desire, where ever you’d like for however long you’d like. Ten years down the road you want to print? No problem.

I do have a sample price listing here. It’s a generic starting point that covers about everything.  But since each client has different needs (‘I need you in DC’ or ‘I want prints’), it’s only a general outline. Please email me for a quote. I guess I could have just listed this last paragraph, but I didn’t.


Q. Do you shoot weddings?

A. Yes. Please click here to visit my wedding site Weddings by Trisha.


Q. Do you have a studio?

A.I have a small studio in my basement. It’s nothing fancy, but my theory is it’s not where it’s shot or what it’s shot with that matters; it’s the final outcome. If I shoot a session in my bathroom with a toy camera (yes, I have) the viewer will never know the difference if it’s done right. What I do most of the time is on location shooting. Basically this means I shoot outside or I can also set up a studio in your home or office. I have no issues shooting in my basement studio (images to come soon) but don’t expect anything fancy here.


Q. I noticed a lot of the people in your babies, children and family section are the same people. Why is this?

A.I don’t shoot a lot of those. Usually people hire me for other work. I’m not opposed to shooting them but honestly there are a few other people in town that do a much better job of shooting babies.


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